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2016 Funding for CTCC

Where does a community council get money to operate? We are not a “department” of the City of Cincinnati with direct funding. Columbia Tusculum Community Council is a separate State of Ohio nonprofit corporation, run by volunteers.

We get funding in two ways: 1) through community fund-raising projects and 2) by participating in the City’s Neighborhood Support (NSP) and Neighborhood Business District (NDBSF) grant programs.

City Council believes strong neighborhoods make for a strong city and has provided basic funds for Neighborhood Support going to community councils and funds for small projects in Neighborhood Business Districts.  Funds for NSP and NBDSF are  $5,000 each.

Input from any resident or property owner is welcome.  All residents and property owners are invited to vote each year on how the money is spent.  CTCC membership is not required to vote on NSP/NBDSF proposals.


2016 Neighborhood Business District funds await proposals from the Columbia Tusculum Business Association.