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Welcome to Columbia Tusculum

We invite you to experience Cincinnati’s Oldest Neighborhood. Nestled in the Ohio River Valley just minutes from downtown Cincinnati, Columbia Tusculum is in the heart of it all. Our neighborhood is known for its historic district featuring brightly colored 19th century homes and breathtaking valley views. We also enjoy a great walking neighborhood featuring many dining and entertainment options, as well as direct access to three parks and  10+ miles of biking trails.

The next Community Council Meeting will be Monday, March 17,th  7pm at the Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum, 3738 Eastern Avenue.

If you are a CT resident please try to attend so we can receive your input. Remember in order to vote in out council meetings, you must attend at least three meetings in 12 months or perform 15 volunteer hours in service of the neighborhood.  Here is the tentative agenda for our March meeting:

Columbia Tusculum Community Council

2014 March  Meeting  – Proposed Agenda

Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum

Welcome/ Announcements

Lunken Airport Neighborhood Coalition

Great American Clean Up –Reminder

Form-Based Codes Presentation Set for Next Month

Police District 2 Update – Officer Germaine Love

Adopt-a-Class Announcement–Mike Tarvin

Speaker—Eleonara Fusco

Treasurer’s Report—Matt Ackermann

Open Forum – Comments/ Concerns



Latest News:

Floodplain Meeting–April 17, 7:00pm at the Carnegie Center in Columbia Tusculum

Amy Murray and Amit Ghosh (a supervisor from Buildings and Inspections) will discuss the flood plain change and field questions from the public.  If you have specific questions for Councilwoman Murray, please email them to Alex Linser.

Some Background: Five years ago the City found out that the levies surrounding Lunken Airport did not meet the new FEMA standards (which were made more stringent in the wake of Hurricane Katrina). City officials estimated that ti would cost $100 million to bring the levies up to standards, and the city didn’t have the money so it made the decision to “de-certify” the levies, which means that FEMA no longer considers them when calculating the floodplain. The effect of that decision was delayed for five years. There were public meetings and information provided to residents. The message to residents at the time was that if they purchased flood insurance before the flood-plain change, their rates would be “grandfathered in” and not go up when the change took effect.

That levy de-certification took effect this year, and the 100-year floodplain was revised to add new areas in Linwood, Columbia Tusculum and Linwood. The change supposedly only affects 30 residential properties.  However, we are getting complaints from people whose homes were already in the flood zone and are now getting hit with massive rate increases.  There have also been some secondary effects on businesses (most of the area in the new floodplain is commercial property).  One of our businesses had trouble permitting a new structure because of the floodplain.  There may also be secondary effect on businesses’ insurance premiums.


Columbia Tusculum to Consider Adoption of Form-Based Codes

At our April 21th meeting, Alex Peppers and Ann Marie Kerby from Cincinnati’s Department of City Planning and Building will give us an overview of form-based codes and how our neighborhood can utilize them. If you’re interested in learning more about form-based codes, click here their brochure and  Approach to Form-Based Codes. We encourage you to read more about this proposal. It has the potential to impact our neighborhood’s future development, and we want to make sure we have our community engaged and informed.


Great American Clean Up Comes to Columbia Tusculum April 26th. Join us!

This year we’re collaborating with Linwood and the East End to clean up the Flying Pig route that intersects our neighborhoods. T-shirts and free pizza provided courtesy of Tusculum Pizza! It’s always a fun event that really makes a difference in our community. Please join us! To volunteer, click here.


The Community Entertainment District proposal is approved by Linwood, Columbia Tusculum and the East End.

Click here for an FAQ of the Community Entertainment District Proposal.